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Established in 2018, Rocky Mountain Supply Co. manufactures premium Hemp Derived CBD products that are handmade in small batches. We are a locally owned business, with a Retail location in the RiNo Art District in Denver, Colorado.  Our Manufacturing facility is located in Denver as well.  All of our products are made with the best CBD Isolate and ingredients available.  Most states do not have an agency or process to regulate CBD products at this time, however, the State of Colorado regulates the entire process from farming to extraction to manufacturing and finally sales of said products.  Rocky Mountain Supply Co. considers our customers’ health and safety as our number one priority and because of this, we only use CBD Isolate and Hemp Seed Oil from Colorado State Approved sources.  One huge benefit to the safety of our products is that we are based and operate in the State of Colorado which has been a pioneer in the Cannabis Industry and now in the Hemp and CBD Industries.  Rocky Mountain Supply Co. is a licensed Industrial Hemp Manufacturer. 

We pride ourselves on not “selling” or “promising” any benefits of our products as we believe you should educate yourself from a source that has zero bias or conflict of interest.  Rocky Mountain Supply Company’s goal is to consistently supply safe, premium CBD products to our customers.



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Rocky Mountain Supply Co. uses Pure CBD Isolate, making our products THC Free. We use CBD Isolate that is extracted and isolated from all terpenes and cannabinoids that are present in the hemp plant. Extracts are a preparation containing the active ingredient of a substance in concentrated form. There are products in the market that are Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum CBD products and are different than products that are made with CBD Isolate.

There are many differences between the three categories, one being that Broad Spectrum CBD products are made with CBD that has had the CBD separated from the THC and terpenes within the hemp plant and then added back into it.  Any product that is not made from CBD Isolate has THC in it that can range from a very low trace amount to a detectable amount.

Full Spectrum CBD products are made with CBD extract that contains all compounds within the hemp plant that are naturally present being the essential oils, terpenes, and all other cannabinoids.  Broad Spectrum CBD products are made with a mixture of both CBD Isolate extract and Full Spectrum extract and therefore produce and contain characteristics of both said extracts. Any product that is not made from CBD Isolate has THC in it that can range from a very low trace amount to a detectable amount.

Even if the product is made from CBD Isolate, the quality and extraction method can cause the CBD Isolate to have THC present and detectable after the entire extraction and isolation process. Unfortunately, there are also CBD products being sold by companies that are often mislabeled and do not even contain CBD, they could contain synthetic CBD or have THC and can cause drug test failures. CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD period, but there are no current studies that prove it is more beneficial than Broad or Full Spectrum extracts.


Rocky Mountain Supply Co.

RiNo Retail Location:

3310 BRIGHTON BLVD,  #110
DENVER, CO 80216

Manufacturing & Wholesale Facility:

3600 E. 40th Ave, Unit 420

DENVER, CO 80205



Telephone: 303-709-7497


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